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See below for the answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Questions About Booking Your Session

Just click “Book a Session”. From there, select your appointment type (actor or business) and any addons. Select your preferred date and time on the calendar, fill in your info and book your session. We will automatically email your booking confirmation. It’s that simple.

To book your session and hold your time slot, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required. If you are adding hair and makeup services, the deposit is $200. You will be able to reschedule your booking up to 48 hours prior to your session.

Professional hair and makeup will absolutely elevate the quality of your images. This goes for men and kids too. Our resident pro, Heidi has worked extensively in film and television and her expert work will give you a vibrant, natural look.

Absolutely! For our business clients, it’s a great opportunity to get acquainted and discuss your specific needs and goals so we can provide you with the best possible headshot experience.

For actors, a pre-session consultation is the first step toward capturing your authentic types and showcasing your acting range. We learn about your work, career goals, and your type, so we can make sure your headshots hit the mark.

We understand that life can be unpredictable. We can reschedule your session up to 48 hours prior to your booking. If you need to cancel altogether, your initial deposit is non-refundable, but any pre-paid portion of your booking will be refunded.

Full time students enrolled in high school, college, or a recognized acting program qualify for a 10% discount off our Standard Actor session fee.

Questions About Preparing For Your Session

When it comes to choosing what to wear for your headshots, it’s not just a matter of having options – it’s about having the right options. Here are some suggestions for helping you choose the clothing and styles that will make your session a success.

Please bring extra clothing options. Even if you are confident in your selections, the extra 1-2 items you throw in your bag might be just what you need.

And don’t worry if your clothes get a bit crumpled on the way to the studio. Our Jiffy® steamer will have you looking picture-perfect in seconds.

The best approach for Actors is a layered approach. For example, start with well-fitted t-shirts in a variety of colors. Then add short or long sleeve button-downs, a flannel or overshirt, pullovers such as a Henley, sweater, turtleneck, etc. From there, add a sport jacket, hoodie, denim, or leather jacket, bomber, or trucker jacket, etc. We can often build multiple looks simply by working in layers.


  • Muted, medium intensity colors – nothing overly bright or cheery
  • Earth tones in gray, black, brown, rich green or blue.
  • Bright colors can work very well depending on your complexion. If you like it, bring it.
  • Modern and classic styling, well-fitted garments with clean lines
  • Solid colors or simple patterns


  • Busy patterns such as stripes or polka dots
  • Overly bright or distracting colors
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Any logos or brand emblems
  • Outdated or overly stylish clothing. Don’t bring the bling!
  • White clothing – unless to be worn under something else

Commercial Headshots require a colorful, vibrant feel. If you watch TV commercial for a while, this will become abundantly clear. Commercial and print actors must be aspirational – the ideal of an advertiser’s target demographic. That should be reflected in what you choose to wear.

  • Colorful items that compliment your eyes, skin, and hair
  • Clothing that is lively but not flashy or distracting
  • Items that fit well but not too snugly
  • Avoid busy and distracting items and jewelry
  • Leave the logos at home

When it comes to business headshots, less is always more. You can’t go wrong with classic or
contemporary styles that are well-suited to your profession. Here are some suggestions:

  • Well-fitted, contemporary suiting and business casual attire
  • Solid colors and muted earth tones are always a good bet
  • An accent piece (tie, scarf, pocket square, etc.) can add a “pop” of color
  • For women, choose necklines that make you comfortable
  • For men, we stress the importance of choosing well-fitted button downs
  • Select ties in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Glare free glasses, when possible

Questions About Your Session

Our studio is conveniently located in the Innsbrook area of Glen Allen at Dominion Blvd and Innslake Drive. We’ll send you detailed directions upon booking in your session prep packet.

A standard Business Headshot session lasts about one hour – give or take. Should you choose hair and makeup services, add another 30-60 minutes to your session time.

Actor Headshot sessions are booked in 4-hour blocks. We only schedule one Actor per day and the length of your session will depend on your specific needs. And more looks obviously require a bit more time. Regardless, your session will never feel rushed and the whole process is so chill, we often lose track of time.

Absolutely! I promise I won’t let you just stand there like a deer in headlights. I have lots of great tips and secrets for looking great on camera garnered over years working on-camera. I’ve got your back and rest assured you’ll look great.

Questions About What Happens After Your Session

You will receive a private online gallery within 24 hours of your session. Once you have made your photo selections, we deliver your professionally retouched headshots in 3-5 days – often sooner.

The answer is yes. Today’s digital photography is both vivid and revealing thus making professional retouching a standard part of our Headshot packages and process. It’s the secret sauce, really. Our professionals remove flyaway hairs, temporary blemishes, and gently soften dark circles and wrinkles, to deliver a beautiful, yet very natural result. See our Retouching page for detailed examples.

You will receive a link to a private, password protected gallery where you can “favorite” your selections and share comments. I will be able to see the comments and selections. You can also share your gallery with family and friends to get help choosing your images.

Absolutely. We respectfully request that you await delivery of your completed images before sharing them on social media and that you please tag us @colinkeyphotography on Instagram and Facebook when you post.

Of course. Your online gallery will be active for at least 6 months so you can revisit and make additional selections as needed.