How It Works

How It Works

Planning your Headshot Session

Once you have purchased your package we will send you a checklist. It will cover backgrounds, clothing, and other tips to help you prepare for your Headshot Session. Please send the information requested in the checklist so we can be prepared to make your shoot a success!

We highly recommend a 10-15 minute pre-shoot consultation to cover any questions you might have and also so we can understand your needs and how you will use your photos. This is especially important for actors who, in a highly competitive field, will require headshots that are consistent with their type or brand.

Choosing your shoot wardrobe is not just about having options. It’s about having the RIGHT options. Below are some suggestions for choosing the best threads for your session. And don’t worry about the wrinkles – we provide the steamer.

What to Bring

For women, we recommend anything you will need to touch up makeup and manage flyaway hair. Blotting paper and light powder is helpful for eliminating shiny or oily spots and both are highly recommended unless you are hiring an HMU artist for your session. A curling iron, hairdryer, and eye drops are also valuable items to have in your photoshoot toolkit.

A men’s toolkit should include a good hair styling product like a sculpting paste or balm, a brush or comb, etc. If you plan to start with facial hair and then create some clean-shaven looks, you will certainly want to pack along your preferred shaving option and a face towel. We also recommend eye drops and lip balm, as dudes tend to get dry lips.

Eat for energy. A good meal will keep you focused on the camera and not feeling sluggish. For longer sessions, we suggest packing a small snack to keep your energy up. You will be glad you did.

Check your look in the mirror! Crazy as it sounds, think about your authentic facial expressions. If you’re not a supermodel – and who is? – it is a great exercise in getting to know what works for you. Also, do you have a favorite side of your face? If you have two good sides, you rock!

Wardrobe Tips

Corporate / Business Headshots

  • Choose…
    • Wrinkle-free/iron-free shirts
    • A well-fitted suit coat that does not bunch in the shoulders and can be buttoned to offer good shape.
    • Glare-free glasses, when possible.
    • Solid colors.
  • Avoid…
    • Busy patterns as they are nearly impossible to retouch should wrinkles occur – which they often do.
    • Dark eye makeup. Keep makeup as clean and natural as possible.

Theatrical/Acting Headshots

  • Choose…
    • Muted, medium intensity colors – nothing overly bright or cheery.
    • Earth tones like gray, black, brown, or rich greens and blues.
    • A layered approach. For example, a leather jacket over a T-shirt, button-down, or Henley.
    • Modern styles with clean lines.
    • Keep the focus on you not your clothes.
    • Solid colors or simple patterns. Again, nothing distracting.

  • Avoid…
    • Spaghetti straps.
    • Busy patterns and bright colors.
    • Overly stylized or distracting elements. Keep the focus on you and not your clothes.
    • Anything white – unless worn under something else.

Commercial Headshots

Clothing choices for Commercial Headshots should have a colorful, vibrant feel. If you are not sure what that means, just watch almost any TV commercial and it will become clear. Choose colors and tones that best complement your complexion. Your selections should be lively but not flashy or distracting. Remember, people in commercials are supposed to be aspirational and what you wear should be reflective of that. Be the ideal of the demographic.

  • Choose…
    • Colorful shirts that compliment your eyes, skin, and hair.
    • Modern styles that fit your frame!
    • Layers. For example, a nice T-Shirt under a button-down under a light jacket.
  • Avoid…
    • Overly colorful or bright colors or busy patterns.
    • Outdated styles and cuts.
    • Baggy clothing. Leave it in the 90s!
    • Anything white unless a T-Shirt or worn under a jacket.
    • Anything distracting. No logos or printed T-shirts.
    • See-through garments.

What to expect at your session

  • To Start…
    • We go through your wardrobe selections and pick out some looks.
    • We always recommend an extra clothing option even if you feel sure about your selections. Options are good.
    • We will steam clothing and make sure we catch any lint or pet hair that may have brought along.
    • Next, we map the order we will shoot your session, taking into consideration your outfits, backgrounds, hair/make-up adjustments, light, etc.
  • The Shoot…
    • We start things off with a bit of coaching and a few tips for posing. Just some easy stuff to help you relax and enjoy your session. If you are a seasoned pro – or a supermodel – we can skip this.
    • Rushing creates tension and tension is the enemy of anything good you want to achieve.
    • We will spend 30-45 minutes on each look. Let’s make sure we get the great shots!
    • Studio shoots are tethered so you will be able to view your photos on an HD monitor as we shoot. This assures we are getting the images you are looking for.
    • When the shoot is complete, you will receive instructions and a link to your own private, password-protected image gallery so you can review your shots and make your retouching selections.